The National Taxpayer Advocate’s annual report to Congress highlights these continuing IRS problems

  1. Extraordinary processing and refund delays for tens of millions of taxpayers
  2. Recruitment, hiring, and training issues negatively affect all aspects of the agency’s operations.
  3. Telephone and in-person service has declined considerably during recent pandemic-affected years.
  4. The IRS does not provide clear and timely information about what taxpayers need to know about IRS operational status.
  5. Online accounts don’t meet the needs of taxpayers and tax practitioners.
  6. Communicating digitally with the IRS is unnecessarily difficult.
  7. The inability to electronically file some tax forms, schedules, attachments, and other documents negatively impacts both taxpayers and the IRS.
  8. Collection policies, procedures and fees cause added problems, particularly for low-income taxpayers who don’t have adequate resources to access or utilize collection alternatives.