Additional documentation needed for your 2021 tax return preparation in 2022.

Be on the lookout for these mailings from the IRS to your household:

  • IRS letter 6419, to households with dependent children, regarding the Advance Child Tax Credit monthly payments made during the 2021 calendar year.
  • IRS letter 6475, to everyone who received an Economic Stimulus Payment (aka Economic Impact Payment, EIP) in first or second or third quarter of 2021.

These are needed to determine if the taxpayer got the full amount that was warranted. If the full amount was not received, then the balance can be claimed on the tax return.

In rare instances of having received too much,
then the overpayment will be paid back to the IRS
in the form of an additional tax or lower refund.

If information, submitted by the taxpayer on the income tax return, disagrees with the IRS data, then IRS processing of the return or the refund will be significantly delayed.