Some states having Sales Tax holidays

Some states occasionally set aside days  – typically right before back to school – during which some purchases are not subject to state sales tax (local sales tax may still apply).  Currently, the following states have set upcoming sales tax holidays. Out-of-state residents in border states may also benefit by crossing over for these purchases, but generally residents are supposed to pay an equivalent “use” tax in their home state when they purchase out of state items without the resident sales tax applied.

Florida, July 31- August 9

Mississippi, July 30 – July 31

Tennessee, July 30 – August 01 on some purchases; July 30 – August 05 on uncooked food, ingredients and prepared food.

West Virginia, July 30- August 02

Visit these states’ Department of Revenue (DOR) web sites for details, including what kinds of purchases qualify.  Visit your own state’s DOR website to see if your state will have a Sales Tax holiday.